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Artist Statement

I am a Painting and Printmaking student in my final year at Glasgow School of Art. As a contemporary artist, I use traditional methods of marbling to create patterns on different surfaces: from hand dying silks to printing the patterns digitally on large textiles, on paper and silk gloves or using a photocopier. Here I examine the handmade and the digital in different scales. Considering marbling as a form of printmaking mixed with painting, I capture moving pattern into a fixed image. By printing this image onto tactile silk, I create a sensory experience combining techniques of handmade and fabricated, the analogue and the digital.  

I specialise in abstract mixed media, exploring repetition

in nature. My work experiments with the art of marbling with an

emphasis on how materials interact with each other. I combine

naturalistic and watery motifs within mywork.

From hand dying silks on small stretchers to getting them digitally

printed on large fabric stretchers, I create a sensory experience of

marble designs in a range of scales. Using a variety of techniques and

methods, such as painting and printmaking, I create a full sensory

experience that connects the audience with the alluring tactile

materials of pure silk.

In 2019 I was awarded the John and Mabel Craig Scholarship and have received regular commissions to fund my studies which shows my proactive attitude towards my education. In 2022 the Faculty of Science at Glasgow University purchased two pieces; a collaboration with a scientist at the University during the ‘Pint of Science’ festival. Currently I am working in Glasgow Museums as a gallery assistant, invigilating exhibitions and as a first point of contact. As an experienced artist, I have had multiple solo and group exhibitions within and outside my institution.


2019 - 2023

Glasgow School Of Art, Painting and Printmaking



Recipient of the John and Mabel Craig Undergraduate Scholarship




Gusto and Relish, 729 Pollockshaws Rd, Glasgow


Art Walk Party Festival, Eyden's, 215 Portobello High Street



"The Life Aquatic", Maid of the Loch, Balloch


“SLATE II”, The Pipe Factory, 42 Bain St, Glasgow


“Flos Collective”, Box Hub, 55 Washington St, Glasgow


“Pint of Science”, The Pipe Factory, 42 Bain St, Glasgow


“ANNUNALE 2022”, Embassy Gallery, 10B Broughton Street Lane, Edinburgh 


“Musical Pictures”, Manchester University, 361 Oxford Road  


“30x30 exhibition”, Upper Galleries, The Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh


“Art of the Possible”, The Glasgow Art Club, 185 Bath St, Glasgow

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